Multigenerational Families

A long-term plan for prosperity:
Wealth management solutions for families

You need to work with a financial professional that can offer a range of solutions to help you and your family manage and protect your wealth over decades. At Synergy, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with multiple generations of client families, each with its own priorities and challenges.

Younger family members may require some financial literacy support, budgeting and cash flow management, and help with articulating and prioritizing financial goals. For this generation, we help with college funding strategies, home purchase analysis, insurance selection and other decisions that may impact your financial life at the start of your wealth building phase.

For older family members, your focus might be on income strategies during retirement, second home funding, tax management, and other types of advanced financial planning, including long-term care insurance, and legacy planning.

In all cases, we can support you with comprehensive solutions for wealthy families.

How we serve families:

  • Wealth management

  • Budgeting and cash flow management

  • Portfolio management

  • Financial literacy and education

  • Financial stewardship discussions

  • Managing an inheritance

  • Tax planning

  • Next-gen annual meeting

  • College planning and funding

  • Home purchase analysis

  • Lifestyle planning

  • Legacy planning