Financial Planning

Craft your financial blueprint:
Explore the benefits of process-driven financial planning.

Understand Your Goals

We listen carefully as you describe your short and long-term goals and your vision for your life. Our deep understanding of your personal circumstances becomes the foundation of your tailored plan.

Develop a Plan

We work collaboratively with you to create an in-depth investment and financial strategy that reflects your needs, aspirations, assets, liabilities, risk tolerance and time horizon. Our planning and investment experience is applied to form a flexible plan designed to grow and change as you do.

Implement Strategies

We craft and execute specific solutions around your needs for income, estate planning, gift planning and philanthropy. Often, we do this in collaboration with your attorneys and tax advisors. We implement your investment portfolio in alignment with these personalized strategies.

Evaluate Progress

We connect with you to assess the progress of your plan and to adjust as changes occur in your life, your organization, and in the market environment. Our solutions are continually updated and customized to your ever-changing circumstances.

Through Synergy’s financial planning process, you will benefit from:

A plan that serves as a roadmap from where you are today to your future self. Built on solid financial principles, your plan can be adjusted to respond to major life changes, while staying aligned with your long-term goals.

Customized strategies and scenarios that provide a snapshot of your current financial situation, and then present multiple scenarios, so you can explore and evaluate different outcomes.

A solutions-based process that helps you feel confident that you are making sound financial decisions, and information and resources designed to inspire and educate you.