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Build wealth for life:
Your solutions-based approach to wealth and investment planning.

As a client of Synergy Capital Solutions, you have engaged the services of financial professionals who are legally and ethically bound to prioritize your best interests.

We seek to offer solutions that best support your financial well-being through financial solutions and investment strategies that align with your short and long-term goals and reflect your values. As fiduciaries, we place your interests first when making investment recommendations, and provide ongoing monitoring to help ensure that your financial plan remains aligned with your goals.

We believe in the value of holistic wealth management, and we will work collaboratively with you to deliver a plan to build, grow, enjoy, and then give your wealth.

Wealth planning for your stage in life.

How Synergy Can Help


In this stage, your time and energy are focused on building your career or business and balancing saving and investing with your lifestyle needs.

  • Cash flow management and budgeting

  • Student debt management

  • Portfolio diversification

  • College savings for children

  • Buying a home

  • Analyzing insurance needs


You’re becoming more intentional about building your savings, expanding your investments, and optimizing your retirement planning. Your financial needs are becoming more complex. At the same time, you’re envisioning a future where you achieve a sense of financial freedom.

  • Executive compensation strategies

  • Cash flowing through the college years

  • Paying off a primary residence

  • Buying a vacation home

  • Portfolio expansion and diversification


You’ve reached a phase in life where you’re spending time doing what you love in retirement or looking forward to leaving your business and beginning a new chapter in life.

  • Managing retirement plan assets

  • Tax planning

  • Business succession planning

  • Structuring and reviewing estate plans

  • Supporting charitable organizations and endowments


You’re in the prime years of your retirement but looking beyond yourself. You’re committed to ensuring your wealth leaves a lasting impact on your family and the causes you believe in.

  • Retirement income streams

  • Considering and planning how to downsize

  • Selecting a place to live

  • Analyzing healthcare needs

  • Establishing college savings for grandkids

  • Tax-efficient wealth transfer

Financial Planning Process

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Portfolio Management Process

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