Synergy is a cooperative interaction to produce a combined outcome greater than the sum of separate results

Synergy Capital Solutions is a boutique wealth management practice. Our clients consist of affluent individuals and families, business owners and professionals, and non-profits and corporations. Our team utilizes four underlying fundamentals as the foundation to help drive success:  People, Process, Planning Solutions and Portfolio Solutions.

Our team-based approach aligns our members to gain a deep understanding of your specific challenges and aspirations.  We build enduring relationships with our families and institutions, and are honored to assist with the needs of successive generations.
Our disciplined, consultative, process empowers us to provide sophisticated solutions to achieve your goals. In conjunction with your other professional advisors, we design these solutions to offer you flexibility, choice and transparency.
We customize a comprehensive plan to reflect your personal values and financial goals while considering your risk tolerance and investment preferences. Drawing on our core values as a family practice, we adhere to high levels of ethical standards, professionalism and personalized service.
We provide investment portfolios constructed to align with your plan and investment policy. As a true fiduciary, your interests are the mainstay of our recommendations. Our partnership with HighTower allows us access to an array of investment resources, including custody options and market research, from a multitudes specialists.